Jornada Colombiana 2017


This multidisciplinary business forum dedicated to Colombia, aims to explore the current prospects of the country in the context of the peace process.

The national referendum regarding the revised agreement demonstrated the still ongoing division of Colombian society, and it remains to be seen whether the cleavage can be mitigated. At least, the revised peace deal has been signed and passed by Congress, but still with an open output regarding reintegration of FARC into society.

Optimism is high with the country’s recent economic growth, inflation remaining at 5.75 % and the unemployment rate around 9 %. Yet, the problem of the informal sector and the 7.1 % of the population living in extreme poverty need to be addressed. Colombia has shown promising dynamics in several sectors, from tourism to agricultural and industrial products. Among foreign investors attracted to the country, Switzerland stands out as one of the most important FDI contributors of the European continent.

The commitment to renewable energy (70 % gained from hydroelectric generation) catapulted Colombia to the top ten nations in the Global Green Economy Index. The country’s general effervescent atmosphere will be analyzed by researchers and experienced professionals from the private and public sector, who will share their insights about the region, from their respective economic, political, legal, financial, social, cultural, and artistic perspectives, providing the public with a panoramic view on current opportunities of ‘doing business in Colombia’.

The Jornada Colombiana, organized by the Centro Latinoamericano-Suizo (CLS HSG), also aims to analyze socio-cultural processes and intercultural Colombian-Swiss differences, beyond national clichés. The forum promotes an open discussion between attendants and lecturers.



Galería de Fotos

Jornada Colombiana, Invitatio
Yvette Sánchez
Julián Jaramillo Escobar
Enzo Nussio
Jason García Portilla, Micaela Díaz Rosaenz
Fabio Segura
Rocío Robinson
Daniel Gómez Gaviria
Aura Elena Gutiérrez, Vittoria Pagani
Andrés Felipe Marín Salazar
Claudia R. Challand
Coffee Break
Raphael A. Studer
Diana García
Sandra Méndez Fajardo
Sandra Méndez Fajardo, Heinz Böni
Alexander Griesser
Aura Elena Gutiérrez, Vittoria Pagani
Annatina Aerne
Philippe G. Nell
Colombian Buffet