Humanitarian Relief in Latin America


This interdisciplinary forum dedicated to humanitarian relief explores the indispensable role of international organizations in the context of an exacerbated world plagued by wars and natural disasters, which endanger the existence of uncountable people.

Such catastrophes have additional, dreadful consequences, especially for those who already have to cope with adverse circumstances originated by severe social inequalities, unfavorable and rapidly changing geopolitics. The war in the Middle East impersonates all three aspects, whereas humanitarian organizations assumed the herculean task of mitigating the suffering of the IDPs without getting annihilated. In the field, the highly ethical commitment of humanitarian workers, willing to put their lives on the line, contributes essentially to the cause. Humanitarian assistance is also required for the rest of the world, particularly for Africa and Latin America. The US government’s plan to cut the funding for foreign and humanitarian aid supposes an additional threat.

This conference on humanitarian relief gathers practitioners and academics from the private and public sector. The intentionally diversified experts will provide distinctive insights on the apparatus of humanitarianism, having to cope with the upcoming difficulties in a world, where countries are beginning to hesitate looking after each other for the sake of national security.


Galería de Fotos

Yvette Sánchez, Yves Daccord, Jacques Forster
Jacques Forster
Hans-Joachim Heintze
Alfredo Stein Heinemann (Skype)
Pedro Albajar Viñas
Marina Gold
Gustavo Nanez, musical performance
Jean-Luc Bernasconi
Enzo Nussio
Androulla Kaminara
Gustavo Nanez, musical performance
Yves Daccord
Yves Daccord with audience