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Below you will find the newest publications and findings by our research network.

Dietmar Grichnik taught Entrepreneurship in the International Seminars Series for postgraduates which was held at the Universidad Externado de Columbia in July 2013. With a talk about «Entrepreneurial Action - Co-create the Future!» he took part in the International Entrepreneurship Forum which brought together students, alumni and entrepreneurs at Externado to discuss various aspects of entrepreneurship. As a guest lecturer, he also presented the phenomenon «Sustainable Entrepreneurship» to students and faculty at Universidad de Los Andes. In this course setting, students were motivated to solve social problems with entrepreneurial approaches in Bogotá's poor neighborhoods. For a glimpse of the event, please have a look at the pictures.

Yvette Sánchez, «Water and Light.» Swiss-Colombian Bilateral Relations about Scientific Exchange, conference organized by ACIS (Asociacion Colombiana de Investigadores en Suiza). Lausanne, November 3, 2012.

Günter Müller-Stewens presented a lecture in a course on strategic management that was part of the Master program Management and development practice at UniAndes on November 14, 2013. For an impression of his stay, you can click here.

Roberto Gutiérrez delivered a talk titled «Trials and Tribulations of Agribusiness with Low-Income Populations in Latin America» at the Nescafé Forum «Farming Forward» organized by the CLS-HSG on November 8, 2013, at the University of St.Gallen. For a glimpse of the event please have a look at the pictures.

Roberto Gutiérrez/Iván Darío Lobo/Yvette Sánchez (eds.)
Social Entrepreneurship for Water & Energy Solutions. Forthcoming. Table of contents



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