Nespresso Sustainability


Long Term Commitment and Key Learnings

Since 1986, Nespresso aims to offer its consumers the highest quality coffee. The premium brand has placed Creating Shared Value at the core of its strategy, so that, thanks to its end-to-end approach, Nespresso has constantly innovated and improved its business to benefit consumers, business partners, coffee farmers as well as society and environment at large.
Due to the actual competitive context and global societal challenges, Nespresso is more than ever willing to become a transformative force for coffee and achieve its ambitious 2020 commitments.

Patrick Onken, graduated from HSG, is currently Marketing and E-Commerce Director at Nespresso Switzerland. After travelling through Latin America and being part of the organising committee of the St.Gallen Symposium, Mr. Onken started his brilliant career in several international FMCG companies. Since he has joined Nespresso in 2013, he sets Sustainability as a key priority.